Greening Tools

We are looking for every possible way that web technology can help green your event:

SpaceShare provided the taxi-match at the Green Meeting Industry Council in 2009. VerdantEvent is absorbing and modernizing SpaceShare into our toolkit.


However people travel to your event, we help them travel together, making new connections while saving resources.

  • Carpool
  • Share taxis
  • Find roommates


The key to a paperless conference is making it easier for planners, and better for attendees. Our sites make it much easier for you, the planner, by letting speakers upload their own powerpoints and other documents. It's also easy to include audio or embed video onto the pages, along with comments and discussions, so participants will get much more from the online version than they could possibly get from paper alone.


There's no magic here, but we do some of the work for you, getting conversations started and providing environmental information to your attendees. Without touching your budget, you can help your attendees learn more about flying greener, find green hotels and restaurants near your conference, learn what to do before they leave home. Besides reducing your footprint you'll be getting your attendees more involved: learning, teaching and acting.