Websites and Green Conferences

How can your website green your event? Where can information replace resources with community? Here are

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How can information and the web help green your event? Share your ideas here, I'll be adding one of mine each day.

• Paperless. Of course all the powerpoints go online. Do you ask your speakers to submit their powerpoints a week ahead of the conference? Kinkos is open the morning before they give their talk. Be sure that speakers can upload documents directly and at the last minute. Bonus: paperless conferences self-advertise better: you give Google many more keywords to search for if your calendar links to detailed session pages publicly accessible.
• Sharing taxis or car rentals at the airport.
• Get drivers to carpool.
• Advertise online and by rallying your most enthusiastic attendees to do so, rather than paper ads.
• Local chapter formation and local connections. About 80% of a conference's environmental footprint is travel. Everything you can do to help people make local connections will overwhelm changes to the waste stream or on site efficiency. Make sure attendees can see each other on the social networking map. Encourage them to carpool or fly with neighbors, take data from registration toput them at tables at lunch with neighbors.
• Minimize your conference square footage. Cut out waste by encouraging people to sign up for speakers ahead of time, then see which speaker needs the largest room. Combined with a paperless conference, you can switch rooms soon before the conference. Keeping speakers from having half-empty rooms is a huge favor to them, besides cutting costs and resources.
• Room sharing. Keep people out of the Motel 6, and keep them from needing to commute, by making your roomblock affordable. For conferences with a really strong community, you can even encourage hosting.
• Green education: hotels. Encourage your attendees to go to green hotels. If you're constrained by a room block requirement, stick to teaching them what to look for in a hotel greening program. Encourage them to lead with "thank you's" for whatever they see that's good. A checklist that they can hand the hotel thanking the staff and management for everything good leaves anything not done unchecked… stay totally positive without missing
• Green education: restaurants. Your attendees don't just eat at the venue.

Please add your tips ... I'll start integrating them in the next version!