One Thread: Speakers

Our sites are like a woven fabric: easy and natural to use for both you and your attendees, but challenging for the weaver to explain one stitch at a time. Attendees, speakers, sponsors, travel information, etc. are each threads woven to be simple for you and your attendees to use, while providing chances to interact, form communities, and conserve resources. Below we focus on one thread as an example, integrating speaker management into your website:
You and potential speakers can each propose sessions online. Back and forth editing/suggestions can occur online, rather than in a chaos of emails and spreadsheets.
You approve a speaker by clicking a button,
Then the speaker is asked to confirm their session.
Once the session is confirmed, you slide it into the schedule. You can move it around. As attendees sign up, they can indicate interest in various sessions -- allowing you to move more popular sessions to larger rooms.
Automatically, as soon as you put a session in the schedule, it has it's own page where the speaker can prompt and attendees can ask questions. These conversations can be broadcast to twitter, facebook, etc. You can encourage your attendees to tweet their favorite session to their network, drawing more potential attendees. Even with a less active social-networking community, having each session online early means seach engines are much more likely to find your conference.
Each speaker can upload their documents, even at the last minute or the next day. By empowering them to edit a box within their session, your busy staff or web person are no longer a bottleneck.

All this is customized based on your conference's specific needs.