We'll help your conference be green and connected -- and we'll save you time

Verdant Event

Verdant Event set out to build Green and Social Networking tools specifically for conferences...

[1] Greening tools include shared travel (flight, taxi, room), paperless (even at the last minute, speakers can upload their sessions), and information (we, you, and other attendees will all be contributing green advice).

[2] Social Networking so attendees can connect before, during and after the conference. Get people talking about what they care about. Keep them connected after it’s over.

... And found one big problem to solve: Event Planners are BUSY

[3] The typical process of planning an event, moving information to the website, and keeping up with social networking is chaotic with repeated work steps. We will ask questions about your work-flow, and integrate a site that actually saves you time. Our sites help you:

  • Collect potential speaker info and documents with one form, managing the speaker process.
  • Track speakers, attendees and rooms.
  • Make changes to the website anytime you need to. Whether you need to change text, or upload a last-minute sponsor's logo, you don't need to wait on a web team.
  • Download personalized schedules to an App.
  • Speakers can upload Power Point presentations to their sessions, even at the last minute,

Our workflows will save you time.

Example: Follow one thread of this tapestry, how we organize, green and facilitate networking for your sessions.

Today: hire a web developer or development team

VerdantEvent will be offering conference websites packages starting in the summer of 2013. Right now you can hire our committed, enthusiastic, experienced lead web developer who will meet your conference's needs on a reasonable budget. If you are building a conference website, I'd love to hear what you need. Please send an RFP, or ask questions, I'm happy to give out free web advice to conference planners just to learn what your questions and challenges are.

Ask conference web questions!  or  Find Stephen Cataldo on LinkedIn